How to Compile Programs on Instructional HPC Clusters

The Instructional HPC clusters have several compilers available on their head node, deepthought-login, as well as all of it's compute nodes.  You may compile your code either on a compute node (via interactive qsub -I) or on your personal machine (Please do not use the login node).  For example,

{deepthought-login}$ srun -p class --pty /bin/bash


{deepthought2}$ gcc -o hello hello-world.c
{deepthought2}$ hello
hello world!
{deepthought2}$ exit

GCC 4.4

This is the latest version of GCC, which supports the OpenMP 3.0 standard.  It is installed to the default path, and its compilers can be run by executing "gcc," "g++," "gfortran," etc.