The Jinx Cluster

Provided through a Fiscal Year 2011 Technology Fee grant, the College of Computing operates Jinx, a high-performance computing cluster which provides service to several CSE and ECE courses.  Using this cluster, students learn high-performance and data-intensive computing through core, breadth, and elective courses.  The Jinx cluster is located in the College of Computing Building Data Center (CCB 247).


Hardware Features:

The Jinx cluster consists of 25 nodes, with 3 distinct hardware configurations:

  1. 24 HP sl390s nodes, each with: 2 Intel Xeon X5650 6-core processors, 24GB memory, GPU accelerated, 380GB local scratch storage (PBS node attributes: gpu, sixcore)
  • 12 of the servers with 2 nVidia Tesla M2090 "Fermi" GPU cards
  • 12 of the servers with 2 nVidia Tesla M2070 "Fermi" GPU cards
  1. 1 Dell PowerEdge R710 rack-mounted server with: 2 Intel Xeon X5570 quad-core processors, 48GB memory, 2TB high-speed local scratch storage (PBS node attributes: fourcore, bigmem)

Software Features:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  • Torque resource manager & Maui cluster scheduler
  • OpenMPI 1.3.3 and 1.4.3(built with both gcc and icc)
  • Intel C/C++ compiler 11.1 and MKL
  • GCC 4.4
  • OpenMP v3.0 supported by Intel and GCC 4.4 compliers
  • CUDA 4.2
  • FFTW library

User Account Access:

  • Authentication via Georgia Tech Enterprise Directory (GTED) credentials (not your CoC account).
  • Only students in current semester CoC and ECE courses where the faculty member has requested access.
  • Home directories are used by the Jinx cluster only.
  • Student home directories are wiped at the end of each semester. Please ensure that you transfer your data to a more permanent location before your access expires.