How to use the CoC Graduate Admissions System

The CoC graduate admissions system is available at  Commenting, transcripts, and applications from current and former MS students are included. Comments that were previously entered on are now included in

For security, we ask that you not print documents.  If you have technical problems, please email them to with in the subject line. Please include your OS and browser details with the description of the problem.


Before you can view transcripts, you must register your GT Account name at You only have to do this the first time you use the system.


To access applications

  1. Go to
    1. You must be either directly connected to the CoC network (inlan) or using the CoC or OIT VPN. You can connect to the OIT VPN at
    2. For best performance, we recommend that you use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  2. Sign in with your GT Account name and password.
  3. Click Admissions in the toolbar. The list of current applicants should appear alphabetically.
    1. If the list does not appear, choose the correct term and click Set Term at the upper left, above the Browse tab.
      NOTE: You may also use the Set Term button to reset the browsing options that follow.
  4. On the left-hand navigation, you can select the Major, Program Level and Area you want to browse (e.g., “CS”, “PhD,” and “Machine Learning”).
    1. Most of the selection criteria only allow you to select one option. Area allows multiple selections.
      NOTE 1: If you want to search by Name or GT ID, you must press Enter after entering the search criteria.  For example, enter matt to see all applicants who contain that string in their name or 9020 to see all applicants whose GT IDs contain 9020. The text search is not case-sensitive.
      NOTE 2: Searching the body of the application (background and statement of purpose) or recommendations for a text string is not available currently.  We are looking into solutions to make this available in the future.
  5. Click on any of the labels above the applicant list to show or hide the fields that are displayed. By default, Name, GT ID, App Term, Major and Program will be selected.
  6. Once you have narrowed down the possible applicants, you can click on the applicant’s name to review the application. The application will be opened in a new tab or window.
  7. You can now view the transcripts and any hard-copy recommendation letters that were sent in by clicking on the View Scanned Documents link.  This will open a new window. Close each document window when you are done (you can only have one document open at a time).
    1. If you get “No Banner Documents were found,” then no items have been scanned in by Graduate Admissions for this applicant yet.
    2. There are several document types that may show up:
      GA_UGRAD_TRANS_GIX1 – transcript from undergraduate college awarding undergraduate degree
      GA_UGRAD_TRANS_OTHER – any other undergraduate transcripts
      GA_GRAD_TRANS – transcripts from any graduate schools
      GA_RECOMMENDATION – hardcopy recommendation letters (check the date:  if the applicant applied more than once, these may not be for the current year)
      GA_APPLICATION – click on this ONLY if the transcripts are not showing above separately. This will be a LARGE multi-page document that includes the entire application. Transcripts will typically appear after approximately page 6. Some applications are assembled this way because of an unexpected change in the way Graduate Admissions handles documents.
    3. If you receive “You do not have permission to view this directory or page,” close any other documents for the applicant that are open. Due to the way the system opens documents, you may receive this every other document you open (just close the tab and try again).
    4. NOTE: Current and former GT MS students will have a second link appear marked View GT Transcript & New Docs. This will link to the GT transcript and in-house letters of reference.
  8. Click on the triangle at the end of the Faculty Evaluations section to enter your ratings and comments. If you are interested in supporting and advising an applicant, click the Yes box under Interested?  Other faculty will see your name in bold type at the beginning of your comments.