Board of Regents Announces Amazon Web Services Availability

The GT Office of Information Technology (OIT) announced today that the Board of Regents (BOR) has entered into an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and since we are a USG entity, Georgia Tech is approved to use all of their available services.  You will see them in Buzzmart as Amazon Web Services.   

Here are the steps for you to order AWS services: 

  1. Review the available AWS services and set up your account at:  
  2. Pricing for their products is universal for all of their customers, so you do not have to worry about getting special pricing or a quote.   Information on their pricing can be found at:  
  3. Use of a P-Card to pay for their services is strictly forbidden.  Since their products are services that are billed monthly, you will need to encumber funds for Accounts Payable to pay the monthly bill.  To estimate how much you anticipate spending over the next few months/semester on their products, use their calculator:  to create your estimate.  
  4. Enter your Purchase Order into Buzzmart to encumber the funds you anticipate spending.  Their vendor name in Buzzmart is Amazon Web Services.  
  5. Each month, AWS invoices GT for exactly the services we use.  AP pays those invoices from your encumbered funds until all funds allocated by that PO are spent.  At that time, the Accounts Payable Team will notify your campus unit that an outstanding invoice has been received, but is not able to be paid.  
  6. Enter a new PO to pay that bill and encumber more funds for future months.  

Use of a P-Card for purchase of these service is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.  Please contact your campus unit P-Card Coordinator with any questions about this restriction.  

There are many services available through AWS.  Here are a couple of extra links to help you learn more about what is available for our use.  

Information on their Grants program can be found at:  

Information on their pricing can be found at: