Event AV & Technical Support

Events that are recorded and made available for viewing online are an incredible asset for the College, providing compelling digital content that attracts attention to our high-quality research and academic programs. CoC Communications helps to facilitate the recording and webcasting of College events, including but not limited to:

  • Dean Hosted Events
  • Distinguished Lectures
  • Guest Lectures Special Events (Awards, etc.) and other events.

There are several recording options available for non-College events you may consider:

  • Contract with GT Professional Education (PE):  This option is suitable for large or high-profile events where a high-quality, professional recording (e.g. with multiple camera angles and fades).  Exact quotes will depend on your event however our experience has been that DLPE charges average about $100 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours.  
  • Contract with an outside videography company (e.g. TechRentals):  Similar to the GTPE option above.
  • Request GT SMARTech (Library) recording service (free).  The GT Library is interested in recording events that are suitable for posting in their SMARTech archive, which typically are limited to research events with general, outside appeal.  This option is not suitable for limited, internal or instructional events.  The Library's Lecture Recording service is free for events that are limited to 75 minutes or less and fall within the normal business hours of 8 AM - 6PM, Monday - Friday. 
  • Record your own event using TSO provided equipment (free):  This option is suitable for smaller events where good-quality recordings are sufficient.  You will be required to identify volunteers from your school or research center to record the event.  TSO will train them how to use the recording equipment and will attend the first event to make sure things go smoothly.  We advocate this option because it produces more people skilled at making good-quality, low-cost recordings.  The OIT Streaming and Webcasting Service is available to provide a live webcast, video playback page, iTunesU posting and/or hard copy of video files.  Please contact helpdesk@cc no less than 3 days prior to the event for TSO to facilitate your event.

For any recording request, it is the responsibility of the event coordinator to obtain the permission of the subject(s) through the completion of the proper release form (either the single-person or group release form):