Baird Lab (CCB 104A) Frequently Asked Questions

With the student laptop requirement, we have noted a significant decrease in the use of general access desktops over the past several years.  In order to make the best use of space, the Baird Lab has been moved to 104A to house any specialized physical lab equipment that the College’s instructional activities require, while providing a "technology enhanced" classroom for lab based courses.  The space reclaimed from this project was used to add an additional Instructor lab and offices to support new CoC programs.
Q: What will the new CCB 104A lab space be called?
A: The new lab space will continue to be called the Baird Lab in honor of William A. “gus” Baird.
Q: What is the Buzzcard policy for the new Baird space?
A: Students enrolled in the Information Security course have access to the lab. To request access for a new class see the below question.
Q: Can I reserve the room for teaching?
A: Yes, faculty can request the room by filling out the request form below.  TSO will get back to you after confirming there are no conflicts.
Q: What computer resources will be a available in the lab?
A: The room is outfitted with a monitor at each seat with DVI and VGA connections.
Q: Why can students no longer study quietly in the Baird Lab?
A: As noted above, the need for general access computing space has declined to the point where we can no longer justify keeping it as a resource. By repurposing the Baird Lab to a specialized instructional space, the room will become access controlled and can no longer be accessible to all students taking CS classes.
Q: Will there be any general access desktops available?
A: No, there will no longer be any general access desktops available within the college.
Q: Does the room have a projector?
A: Yes
Q: What happened to the Pharos printer?
A: The Pharos printer has been relocated to the CCB Student Commons.