Why can't I edit some calendar entries after the Office 365 migration?


There is a known bug affecting some migrated Zimbra calendar entries under Office 365.  After the migration, some calendar appointments come over but the owner is no longer the owner and can't update them.  Until a fix is developed, affected users will need to:

  • Identify the affected calendar entries.
    • Until Microsoft can determine a better way to identify them, the best method is to look for calendar entries without an edit button on items you should own.  You only have to check one instance of recurring entries.
  • Delete/cancel them in Zimbra and then recreate in Office 365.
    • The deletion is for the benefit of the recipients, so they don't wind up with an entry in the calendar that nobody can delete.

Post-migration, there is a 30-day grace period where Zimbra is still an available option under the my.gatech.edu login.