Printing from Inland Mac OS X Systems.

  1. Open "/Applications/System Preferences"
  2. Select the "Print & Fax" preference pane.
  3. (This step for OS X 10.4 users only)  Select the "Printer Tab".
  4. Click the plus sign (+) to crete a new printer...a new printer creation window will appear.
  5. Select the "IP Printer" tab at the top of the window.
  6. For Protocol, select "Line Printer Daemon - LPD"
  7. For Address, enter ""
  8. For Queue, enter the name of the printer you wish to use (e.g. rosalyn).
  9. For Name, enter the name you want it to appear as in your Print list (e.g. "rosalyn via printhost").
  10. (Optional) For Location, enter the building name (e.g. CCB, KACB, TSRB).
  11. For Print Using, select the exact printer driver for the printer you are configuring (e.g. rosalyn is an HP LaserJet 4300DN).
  12. If the printer has a duplex unit, make sure to check the duplex box.
  13. Click Add. At this point you should be able to print on your newly added printer.