Printing from Wireless UNIX Systems without VPN Access

To print to a CoC print server, you must be attached to the GT network.  If you are not, you will need to connect in, such as through LAWN or VPN. 

Installation of a printer in Linux/Unix can be achieved in many ways.  The method documented here was done in GNOME on Ubuntu 8.04. For KDE or other window managers, as well as other Linux distributions, consult their documentation for adding a samba printer.

  1. Choose System -> Administration -> Printing
  2. Click the New Printer button
  3. Choose Windows Printer via SAMBA
  4. In the smb:// field, put<name of printer>
  5. Check on Authentication Required
  6. Use cc\<username> for your username
  7. Use your CC Windows password for the password
  8. Click Verify to ensure you have typed your password correctly
  9. Click Forward
  10. Choose the model of the printer. If you cannot find the printer, you may also provide the PPD file for the printer if you have it. NOTE: If you do not know the printer model, you may use Generic as the print driver.
  11. Click Forward
  12. Name the printer (e.g. rosalyn via printhost)
  13. Give it a description and location if you wish
  14. Click Apply