CoC Account Request Form

Note:  This form is for students requesting a CoC account.  CoC Faculty and staff accounts are requested through HR.
College of Computing account names are determined by your GT account name.  Each CoC account is given an email alias of the form, where first is your first name, and last is your last name. For example Brandon Smith, GT user bsmith3, is given a CoC account named bsmith3, and an email alias, which redirects to his campus account,

By requesting that an account on College resources be established for your use, you agree to having read and understood the College's user account and access policy, and to abide by the GIT Computer & Network Usage and Security Policy and all other campus-wide usage policies.

Your GT ID# can be found on the front on your BuzzCard, as shown in the picture at the right.  More information here.

Enter your GT ID#.
Optionally provide an alternate e-mail address. This is useful in the event that your account is undergoing maintenance, and you need to be notified.
State the circumstances of your request here; for example, undergraduate students that need a CoC account for research should explain their needs and name their faculty sponsor.