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TSO is responsible for the overall computing, networking and physical infrastructure, as well as technical and building support necessary to sustain the College's programs in research, instruction and administration for faculty, staff and students. The organization is directed by Uwanna Smith. Services are focused into groups: Enterprise Systems Support (Help Desk, Web Services), Research Program Support, Instruction Support, and Infrastructure. To help improve our service, feel free to use our feedback reply form.

System Notices

Jan 3 Swiki - coweb.cc.gatech.edu to be decommissioned
TSO will decommission the CoC Swiki
Dec 13 Windows Server Maintenance
All Windows-based server routine patching and maintenance
Dec 5 Server retirement - coffeetalk
The server coffeetalk will be retired.
Nov 28 Server decommissioning
TSO will decommission several old servers
Nov 17 help.cc.gatech.edu Update - 11/17/22
TSO will perform a backup and update of help.cc.gatech.edu