While troubleshooting one of the CCB YP servers, a configuration change was made to a switch that inadvertently blocked access to some of the cc.gt.buzz domain servers, listed below. This would have affected CoC faculty, staff, and students. The change was made at approximately 10:40 AM, Tuesday, November 4, 2008. The outage was quickly realized, the configuration was updated, and the affected servers were again available at 10:50 AM, November 4.

Affected servers/services:
- madison.cc.gatech.edu, which provides services as ccprint.cc.gatech.edu: Windows print server.
- gford.cc.gatech.edu and carter.cc.gatech.edu: AD domain controllers and DNS servers. This would have affected authentication and name resolution for CoC faculty and staff who were attempting to login to, or use network/Internet resources from, CoC AD-bound Windows and Mac computers. This would also have affected the login to and use of CoC Exchange and SharePoint services. In addition, this would have affected authentication into the CoC Zimbra email servers, which provide services as email.cc.gatech.edu, email2.cc.gatech.edu, imap.cc.gatech.edu, and imap2.cc.gatech.edu.

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