Instructional Labs and Resources

As a student of Georgia Tech and the College of Computing, there are several instructional computing resources available to you.  Some are operated by OIT and others operated by TSO. Refer to OIT's Computer Cluster page for details of OIT instructional computing lab resources.

General Access Linux Clusters

The College of Computing provides three remotely-accessible General Access Linux Clusters (ROVERS, DEEPSPACE, and SHUTTLES) as an instructional computing resource for all CoC students (and students currently enrolled in a Computer Science course).  The clusters are each composed of five virtual machines with 4 vCPUs and 8GB of RAM. Each cluster runs a different OS but otherwise where possible have the same software installed. The current supported OSs are Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and 7, and Ubuntu 18.04.


Source Control

GT provides access to a local GitHub Enterprise service for both research and instruction.


PHP, and MySQL Services

The College operates PHP and MySQL services on a per-semester basis for any CoC classes requesting them.

  • PHP - Web programming service for class projects.
  • MySQL - Database service for class projects.


High Performance Computing

The College provides instructional high-performance computing (HPC) and clustered computing clusters for use in courses in parallel/distributed algorithms, large-scale data analysis, multi-core programming, and other computing fields.  Faculty teaching courses in the School of Computational Science and Engineering (CSE), the School of Computer Science (CS), and affiliated faculty in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering may request access to these HPC resources prior to the semester for their class projects. 


CoC Instructor Labs

TSO maintains many small instructor labs around the second floor of the College of Computing Building (CCB) to support the instructors and teaching assistants of the Computer Science courses.