The Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) and the College of Computing (CoC) administer computing and networking usage policies and procedures for the purpose of outlining employee and student requirements to protect GIT information technology resources and the information stored on these resources. The table below includes the GIT and CoC policy and procedure documents that are recommended for immediate reading. Refer to OIT's IT Policy web page for a complete listing of Institute computing, networking and security policies and procedures.

Title VIEW Revision Status

Effective Date

GIT Cyber Security Policies Site Approved 2017-01-01
CoC Local System Administrator Policy HTML 1.2 Draft 2006-11-09
CoC OutLANd Network Policy HTML 1.5 Draft 2008-08-28
CoC Scheduled System/Network Maintenance Policy HTML 1.2.1 Draft 2012-03-20
CoC User Account and Access Policy HTML 1.2 Approved 2008-08-18
CoC Mechanical Key Policy HTML 1.1 Approved 2008-07-08
CoC Mechanical Key Check Out Procedures HTML 1.0 Approved 2009-04-20