TSO staff are working a hybrid schedule which will include onsite and remote technical support for faculty, staff and graduate students. Onsite coverage is available Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm in CCB 225. For support, please contact the TSO HelpDesk at helpdesk@cc.gatech.edu, 404-894-7065, submit a ticket, stop by CCB 225, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and How To's listings. Should you need to call or schedule a meeting with a TSO staff member, please view their Office365 calendar.

Uwanna SmithDirectorTSOuwanna@cc894-9678O365 calendar
Kim MacLeodAssociate DirectorTSO Help Desk Support and Web Developmentkmacleod@cc385-2680O365 calendar
David MercerAssociate DirectorResearch and Instructiondmercer@cc385-2518O365 calendar
Davis, DebbieAssociate DirectorOperations and Infrastructuredebbie@cc385-7155O365 calendar
Abdulazeez, OdayIT Support Professional Sr.Help Desk Supportoday.abdulazeez@cc  
Briaud, GarrettResearch Technologist IResearch Support   
Brinson, JasonIT Support Professional Sr.Windows and Linux System Administrationjason.brinson@cc894-4578O365 calendar
Cochran, PhillipIT Support Professional Sr.Instructional Supportphillip.cochran@cc  
Cronin, JacobIT Support Professional Sr.UNIX system administration, data storage backup & recovery, infrastructure servers   
Farley, NickApplication Developer Sr.Application and Web Developmentnick.farley@cc.gatech.edu  
Gilbert, RichardInformation Security Eng LeadInformation Securityrichard.gilbert@cc  
Heppenstall, CurranIT Support Professional Sr.Help Desk Supportcurran.heppenstall@cc  
Howard, DavidResearch Technologist IResearch Support   
Leonard, AndrewIT Support Professional Sr.Instructional server support and Help Desk Supportaleonard@cc385-2805O365 calendar
MacLeod, BrianIT Support Professional LeadUNIX system administration, data storage backup & recovery, infrastructure serversbmacleod@cc385-3188O365 calendar
Powell, WillResearch Technologist II (Lead)Research Supportwill.powell@cc894-9301O365 calendar
Rydarowski, AimeeApplication Developer Sr.Application and Web Developmentar207@gatech.edu  
Topping, VeroniqueApplication Developer Sr.Application and Web Developmentveronique.topping@cc385-4276O365 calendar
Tyson, JamesIT Support Professional LeadHelp Desk Supportjtyson31@gatech.edu470-337-3231