Staff Listing

TSO staff are working a hybrid schedule which will include onsite and remote technical support for faculty, staff and graduate students. Onsite coverage is available Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm in CCB 212. For support, please contact the TSO HelpDesk at, 404-894-7065, submit a ticket, stop by CCB 212, or visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and How To's listings. Should you need to call or schedule a meeting with a TSO staff member, please view their Office365 calendar.

Uwanna Smith Director TSO uwanna@cc CCB 243 894-9678 O365 calendar
Dan Forsyth Associate Director TSO Research, Instruction, and Infrastructure dan@cc CCB 242 385-6696 O365 calendar
Kim MacLeod Associate Director TSO Help Desk Support and Web Development kmacleod@cc CCB 240 385-2680 O365 calendar
Brinson, Jason IT Support Professional Sr. Windows and Linux System Administration jason.brinson@cc CCB 235 894-4578 O365 calendar
Davis, Debbie IT Support Professional Lead Network engineering, data center management debbie@cc CCB 241 385-7155 O365 calendar
Frank, Adelle Application Developer Sr. Application and Web Development adelle.frank@cc CCB 237 385-3418 O365 calendar
Honea, Ken Research Technologist I Primary contact for CS + RIM + C21U research technology support. ken.honea@cc KACB 2341 385-3781 O365 calendar
Hooper, Devon IT Support Professional Sr. Help Desk Support devon.hooper@cc CCB 211 385-5620 O365 calendar
Leonard, Andrew IT Support Professional Sr. Instructional server support and Help Desk Support aleonard@cc CCB 211 385-2805 O365 calendar
MacLeod, Brian IT Support Professional Sr. UNIX system administration, data storage backup & recovery, infrastructure servers. bmacleod@cc CCB 234 385-3188 O365 calendar
Mercer, David IT Support Professional Lead Instructional server support. dmercer@cc CCB 239 385-2518 O365 calendar
Powell, Will Research Technologist I Primary contact for CSE research technology support will.powell@cc Coda (13th floor) 894-9301 O365 calendar
Samuel, Oliver IT Support Professional Sr.

Help Desk Support

oliver.samuel@cc CCB 238 385-2965  
Topping, Veronique Application Developer Sr. Application and Web Development veronique.topping@cc CCB 236 385-4276 O365 calendar
Trent, Tim Research Technologist I Primary contact for GVU research technology support. timothy.trent@cc TSRB 216 385-7610 O365 calendar
Watson, Keith Information Security Engineer Lead Information Security Manager krwatson@cc CCB 240 385-7401 O365 calendar


Organizational Chart