TSO recommends mailing list requesters go to OIT's SYMPA service. As explained in our strategic plan, we want to shift our focus from providing commoditized services offered by OIT to providing specialized services. With that being said, we would like you to manage your new list in SYMPA. You can get to that by pointing your browser to Login with your GT credentials. Then, just fill out the information on the Request a List tab. We encourage you to prefix your list name with "cc-". Important FAQs regarding the SYMPA service can be found here:


TSO also operates a MailMan server for the purpose of managing e-mail lists that end in A complete list of mailing lists is available on our MailMan server. You can join or leave mailing lists by using the subscribe and unsubscribe features of each list's MailMan page. Please direct new mailing list requests to helpdesk@cc.

Some lists of interest include:

faculty@cc CoC faculty
staff@cc CoC staff
phd-coc-announce@cc CoC PhD students
ms-coc-announce@cc CoC MS students

The above lists are primarily meant for official information announcements, since they have such wide distributions.

One mailing list of which you should be aware is security@cc. Please send security concerns, suggestions, and questions to this address, which is monitored by Administrative and TSO staff. For imminent security concerns or emergencies (e.g. intruder, suspicious activity, theft in progress), the Georgia Tech Police should be contacted immediately at 404-894-2500.