TSO Infrastructure Group - Brian MacLeod, Jason Brinson, Debbie Davis, Dan ForsythThe Infrastructure team provides baseline services in the areas of Server Administration, Networking, Security, Account Services and Storage & Backup for the College community in a cost justified manner by reducing operating cost and enabling commodity core services.


  • Brian MacLeod - Linux System Administration
  • Richard Gilbert - Information Security
  • Debbie Davis - Network Engineer, Data Center Environments
  • Jason Brinson - Windows System Administration
  • Jacob Cronin - Linux System Administration


  • Network Services - border network router management, network closet & switch management, wall port activation, IP requests (DNS, DHCP, VMPS), Firewall requests, CoC VPN server.
  • Data Center Management - stewardship of all CoC data centers, power distribution & cooling systems, server rack management, critical server management, business continuity servers, server patching & monitoring, equipment life cycle management.
  • Data Storage and Backups & Recovery - provide centralized storage for home directories, remote data access, administrative databases, administrative file servers, backups & recovery, off-site tape storage.
  • Identity Management - provide user accounts for the College of Computing community, group access management to resources, login authentication and authorization, Windows CC Active Directory service.
  • Security - minimize risk to an acceptable level while providing information confidentiality, data integrity, and systems availability through defense in depth by providing protection, detection and response to both internal and external threats. Provide system & network logging, incident management & reporting, forensic analysis, network scanning analysis, liaison to OIT information security group, CoC policy development.
  • Printing - Provide printing servers for Windows/Mac/Linux, large mopier printing and copying
  • Mailing Lists - Provide e-mail list service for @cc mailing lists (via Mailman).