Georgia Tech, the College of Computing and the University System of Georgia offer a number of resources related to software distribution and licensing for faculty, staff, and students.

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (Formerly Microsoft Imagine)

If you are interested in software from Microsoft (excluding Microsoft Office products) and you are using the software products in support of academic purposes then you can use the Institute's Azure Dev Tools for Teaching service. Georgia Tech students that are currently enrolled can download any of this software to use on their personally-owned system for academic purposes (and may legally continue to use it even when no longer enrolled in classes, as long as the use is for academic purposes). Faculty may download this software for use on personally owned systems, for academic purposes only.

You should see all the software titles available for download by searching the keyword 'Education' and choose the 'Education (preview)' from the list.

BrightSpace - VMWare

The College provides access to VMWare Fusion for Faculty, and students currently enrolled in CoC courses. Access is granted after class roles are finalized on an as-needed basis. Please submit a ticket to

  • BrightSpace - VMWare
  • Your login will be the Primary Email Address that is set at Password is seperate from GT login.

OIT Software Distribution

Georgia Tech's Office of Information Technology has made agreements with various software distributors in order to supply the campus with software needs.

Of particular interest, is Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for Students:

AutoDesk Software

The College of Architecture provides access to free AutoDesk software for Georgia Tech educators and students, including several popular packages such as AutoDesk, Maya, 3ds Max, SoftImage, SketchBook Express, and more.

University System of Georgia's Software Resource & Services (SRS) Site

In addition to the services that Georgia Tech entities provide, there is also the University System of Georgia's Software Resource & Services site which provides discount software packages for institutional and personal use. The College of Computing does not support or distribute this software directly.