The College of Computing (CoC) operates its own email service and accepts email for addresses that end in @cc.gatech.edu (e.g. gburdell@cc.gatech.edu). Email services are provided for faculty and staff. College email addresses are also provided to graduate students, but this email is routed to their GT account. The College email services are separate from those provided by Georgia Tech OIT. For information about campus-wide/GT email that ends in @mail.gatech.edu or @prism.gatech.edu, refer to the OIT web pages.

TSO provides MS Exchange for email access. The MS Exchange system currently provides service for all staff and many faculty. Exchange email is accessible through a number of clients, which provide integrated email, calendaring, and address books. Exchange is also accessible through the Outlook Web App (OWA) interface, which provides browser-based access to Exchange services from anywhere.  All incoming email is passed through OIT's SOPHOS and GTRI's Barracuda spam filters and is tagged or quarantined according to its spam score.

Exchange Services

The CoC maintains an enterprise-class Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server. MS Exchange is a group messaging and collaboration server that enables you to use services such as email, calendaring, contacts, and task management from desktop clients such as MS Outlook, MS Entourage, or from the web via The College of Computing's Outlook Web App server (OWA). In addition, handheld synchronization services are available which can provide on-the-go enterprise services to faculty and staff. A Blackberry Enterprise Server is available to faculty and staff Exchange users, which allows email, calendaring, and contacts to be synchronized to BlackBerry devices. Synchronization with Windows mobile devices and iPhones is also supported. Please contact the TSO Help Desk if you would like to begin using the MS Exchange service.
Please note that BlackBerry Enterprise Services are being retired March, 2014.
The Configuration options for Exchange clients are below:
RPC over https
  • Exchange Server = ccmail.cc.gatech.edu
  • Connection - Exchange over the Internet / Outlook Anywhere - Connect to Exchange Mailbox using HTTP
  • Mutually authenticate the session when connecting with SSL.
  • Proxy server for Exchange = ccmail.cc.gatech.edu
  • Principal name for proxy server = msstd:ccmail.cc.gatech.edu
  • Proxy authentication setting = NTLM Authentication
  • Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) - ccmail.cc.gatech.edu (SSL, port 993 or 995)
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) - ccmail.cc.gatech.edu (TLS, port 587)
  • Modern web browser
Outlook Web App works best under Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, and Safari 3+, which support advanced features (e.g. drag and drop). Other browsers (e.g. Opera, Chrome, etc.) can access OWA but with a reduced feature set:  https://ccmail.cc.gatech.edu


Zimbra Email Services

OIT maintains the CoC's Zimbra email accounts.  Their Zimbra email service is accessible through standard IMAP email clients and through a web interface. You can also use command-line based IMAP clients (e.g. pine). Zimbra allows you to set up your email preferences, filter your email, set up an automatic-reply vacation message, and more. Use your GT Windows Active Directory user account name and password to login to the Zimbra service. Configuration guidance for several clients are detailed below.  You can also find information on OIT's FAQ page.
Mail client, such as:
Web Access
  • Web browser with 128-bit encryption

Go to: http://my.gatech.edu/

  • Browsers that work well: MS Internet Explorer, Firefox.
  • Browsers that have issues: Safari (works in Basic mode only). 
Additional information is available in the FAQ.

Legacy UNIX Mail Information

The "Old Style" CC UNIX email architecture has been re-engineered to provide better stabilty and supportability. Going foward, all incoming email destined for @cc.gatech.edu addresses will only go to the Exchange or Zimbra email services. Any saved email folders that one may have stored in their CoC UNIX home directory can still be accessed using IMAP services to various general-purpose or research servers. Check with the TSO Help Desk if you need a recommendation for what servers you might access for this purpose (they will likely recommend a server in your research area). Linux servers are recommended over our older Solaris systems since the IMAP is faster and supports more features. Set up your IMAP connections to these servers just as you did for your Zimbra e-mail connection, however use the settings below.  Use These Settings to Access Legacy Mail in Your UNIX Home Directory:
Mail client, such as:
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Outlook Express
  • MS Entourage
  • Apple OS X Mail.app
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • pine
Set up your email client to connect using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
Set up your email client with this server information:
  • Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) - <your-research-server>.cc.gatech.edu (SSL, port 993)
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) - imap.cc.gatech.edu or imap2.cc.gatech.edu (SSL, port 465)
Web Access N/A Not Available. You will need to use a "fat" email client to access your legacy UNIX email.
The use of Procmail for server-side filtering will no longer work, however you can set up server-side filters in the Zimbra environment.

Spam Protection

Spam Protection is provided at the campus level by OIT using Sophos technology. Check the OIT FAQ for detailed information about how to automatically filter out SPAM by observing the email headers created by Sophos.

Mailing Lists

TSO operates a MailMan server for the purpose of managing e-mail lists that end in @cc.gatech.edu. A complete list of mailing lists is available on our MailMan server.  You can join or leave mailing lists by using the subscribe and unsubscribe features of each list's MailMan page.  Please direct new mailing list requests to helpdesk@cc.
Some lists of interest include:
faculty@cc CoC faculty
staff@cc CoC staff
phd-coc-announce@cc CoC PhD students
ms-coc-announce@cc CoC MS students
The above lists are primarily meant for official information announcements, since they have such wide distributions.
One mailing list of which you should be aware is security@cc. Please send security concerns, suggestions, and questions to this address, which is monitored by Administrative and TSO staff. For imminent security concerns or emergencies (e.g. intruder, suspicious activity, theft in progress), the Georgia Tech Police should be contacted immediately at 404-894-2500.