General Access Servers

The College of Computing provides remotely accessible Linux servers, located in the CCB 247 data center, that are available for instructional and research use by faculty and graduate students. Please observe suggestions and restrictions regarding the appropriate uses of these servers. If you plan to do work that will tax the system resources (compute cycles, disk space, etc.), please coordinate this with the TSO Helpdesk beforehand.  Any changes with respect to server availability will be announced via the TSO system notices web page or via e-mail, depending on the urgency of the information. 


SHUTTLES - Instructional General-Access Computing
Virtual Hosts
  • 4 x Virtual CPUs
  • 8 GB RAM
Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 6
  • Instructional Computing
  • Not available for research (use KILLERBEES instead)
  • Login using GT credentials
  • Available to all CoC students
  • Available to all students enrolled in a CS course
  • Available to OMSCS students
  • Uses Prism home directories
  • RSA Fingerprints:
    • cc-shuttle1 = 
    • cc-shuttle2 = 
    • cc-shuttle3 = 
    • cc-shuttle4 = 
    • cc-shuttle5 = 

















KILLERBEES - Research General-Access Computing

IBM System x3550 M4 Server
(2 x 2.3GHz Intel Xeon,
E5-2630 six-core,
64 GB memory, 120 GB SSD disk)
Red Hat
Linux 6


  • Research Computing
  • Not available for classes (use SHUTTLES instead)
  • Login using CoC credentials
  • Available to all CoC faculty
  • Available to CoC graduate students engaged in faculty research
  • RSA fingerprints:
    • killerbee1 = c4:a1:98:33:aa:45:c3:68:9a:a5:54:77:de:ed:14:c9     
    • killerbee2 = 69:d8:5b:b2:86:f0:72:1a:78:e2:a5:04:5a:a8:6e:0e
    • killerbee3 = 2c:f6:8c:b2:ab:ce:92:cf:67:20:8b:f0:0c:aa:8e:41
    • killerbee4 = 8a:8f:e8:68:b8:10:45:e9:1c:96:1c:a9:23:b3:3a:97