Stand-Alone Printers

We are currently recommending that our customers use the mopiers exclusively for printing and scanning needs. Not only are the mopiers more powerful and functional than most desktop printers, but they are also cheaper and more efficient than supporting printers for individual customers. As such, we are only able to provide in-depth support for the mopiers and can only provide best-effort support for individual printers.

CoC Mopiers

Mopiers provide copying, printing, scanning, and faxing functionality. There are eight mopiers in CCB, four in KACB, and four in TSRB available for CoC faculty, staff, student employees, and graduate students performing Institute-related research (to include non-CoC GRA's performing Institute-related research for the College, upon request). Undergraduate students should follow the instructions below under CoC Instructional Printing. Printing to the mopiers is accessible to Windows, UNIX, and MacOS clients on CoC Inland and both campus and departmental VPN subnets. We use a uniFLOW print server,, for Windows, Mac, and UNIX clients. An active GT account username and password is required to print to the uniFLOW print servers. For instructions on installing the mopiers, please use the links below.




CoC Mopiers
A "C" in the model number indicates it's color-capable
belleCCB Ground Floor FacilitiesCanon imageRunner 6855i
charliebrownCCB 148 Elevator AreaCanon imageRunner C5860
woodstockCCB 1st Floor Information DeskCanon imageRunner 6855i
sallyCCB 106 Copy RoomCanon imageRunner 6255
snoopyCCB 2nd Floor Break AreaCanon imageRunner 6855i
mollyCCB 260 Copy AreaCanon imageRunner C5860
spikeCCB 266 Copy RoomCanon imageRunner C5860
olafCCB 308 Outreach AreaCanon imageRunner 6855i
marblesCCB 358 Break RoomCanon IR ADV C2230
pigpenKACB 1329 Recycling AreaCanon imageRunner C5860
schroederKACB 2332 Common AreaCanon imageRunner 6855i
peppermintpattyKACB 3332 Common AreaCanon imageRunner 6855i
franklinKACB 3401 Copy RoomCanon imageRunner C5860
friedaKACB 2nd Floor CorridoorCanon imageRunner C5860
lucyTSRB 2nd FloorCanon imageRunner 6855i
linusTSRB 208 Main CopyCanon imageRunner C5860
marcieTSRB 2nd Floor IC SuiteCanon imageRunner C3835i
rerunTSRB 3rd FloorCanon imageRunner 6855i

Printing in Coda

Printing in Coda is done via Direct-IP printing, and is separate from the mopier printing system (hollister) in CCB, KACB, and TSRB.

How to Print in Coda

CoC Office and Research Lab Printing

The CoC network provides access to over 100 printers located in the CCB, KACB and TSRB buildings. Please use the links below to find directions for setting up Direct IP Printing for printing from anywhere on the GT network.


Mac OS


CoC Instructional Printing

The College of Computing uses the OIT Pharos printing system for instructional labs located on the first floor of the College of Computing Building (CCB). The Pharos printing system is a pay for print service which allows students to print from lab machines and their personal laptops to retrieve their documents at a cost of $.04 per page, payable using a BuzzCard. There is a printer for student use located in the student commons area of CCB. Please follow the instructions below:

Please be a Responsible Print Steward

We expect you to be prudent with your printing.

  1. Print duplex whenever you can!
  2. Do not use printers for multiple copies. Please use a mopier/photocopier if you need multiple copies of documents.
  3. Use on-screen preview rather than throwing large draft documents at the printers.
  4. Use the OIT Printing & Copying service (e.g. central_ps) when you find you really must print truly huge documents.
  5. If you find that a printer is running low on toner or paper, or having other problems, please notify
  6. Avoid printing to color printers unless color printouts are needed.

It costs the College between 3 and 4 cents per page for paper, toner, and other printer supplies (most of this cost is toner) for monochrome printers. Color printers cost an additional 10 cents per page. Please help to keep our costs down.