Georgia Tech applies a technology fee to enrolled students to fund efforts to improve the academic and instructional capabilities of the Institute and to remain competitive with other institutes and universities. Each year Georgia Tech solicits proposals from each of its units on the most appropriate ways to utilize these funds. Proposals are reviewed and prioritized by the Dean, Associate Dean, and TSO, then submitted for consideration by the Institute's Technology Fee Committee.

The focus of technology fees should be on technology, related to either academic outcomes or instructional objectives. Successful Tech Fee proposals focus on innovative uses of technology for instruction impacting the largest number of students. Submissions should ensure that they are 1) supportive of the college's curricular goals and initiatives, and 2) consistent with the Institute's Strategic Vision and Plan, e.g., Classroom Clouds Proposal, Prototype Lab Proposal, and Mobile App Lab Proposal.

Have an Idea? Make an "Elevator Pitch".

Following the advice of our TSO Faculty Advisory Committee, we have added a lightweight, early proposal phase to the Technology Fee submission process. You can think of this as an “elevator pitch” style submission. The overall goal is to make the process friendlier, assist in cultivating larger collaborative ideas, and to get the ideas out earlier. TSO will work with you to finalize your proposal, assisting with narratives and quotes if needed. If you prefer to write your own proposal, that works too. You can submit your proposal ideas at any time of the year.

Funding for Smaller CoC Instructional Proposals

The College provides additional funds on a first come basis to assist with smaller technology requests that are not necessarily suitable for a technology fee proposal. These CoC Instructional Proposals should be less than $15k, e.g., Computational Improv Proposal.

Instructions for Submission


  • Download the Form: Request for Technology Fee Funds

  • Obtain quotes for requested equipment. Please work with TSO if necessary for specifications and pricing.

  • Provide accurate course information and numbers. Please work with TSO if you need enrollment data.

  • Submit Your Proposal to:

    Recent Proposals

    Here are the proposals submitted from past few fiscal years:


    • Proposals must be submitted to TSO no later than Friday, February 2nd, 2024.
    • Final proposals will be submitted to the Budget Office on Monday, March 4th, 2024.