The College of Computing has over 80 research lab spaces located in 3 buildings (the College of Computing Building - CCB, the Klaus Advanced Computing Building - KACB, and the Technology Square Research Building - TSRB). These labs are led by faculty of Georgia Tech and the technology within is managed by a group of Lab Managers. Access to these resources requires faculty or lab manager approval which can be requested by sending a request to . The TSO Research Programs Support Group is responsible for the coordination of infrastructure and services with regard to these labs. The following table lists these research labs, room numbers, their faculty principals and lab managers. Please observe appropriate research group conventions for use of these labs. If you don't know then ask the lab manager.

CoC Research Labs
Aware HomeICGVUAware HomeGVUJonesBrian Jones
TechwayICIRIMNARA LabRoboticsChristensenPushkar Kolhe
CCB 209ICIRIMUndergraduate RIM LabRoboticsChristensen
CCB 210ICIRIMGraduate RIM LabRoboticsChristensen
CCB 225ICIRIMRoboJackets LabRoboticsChristensen
CCB 226ICIRIMHumanoids Robotics LabHumanoid Robotics Lab
CCB 247CCSCERCS, GTISCHPC Facility (HPCF) - Data CenterCERCS / GTISC / CompArch

Schwan, Wolf, Lee, Kim

Adam Allred,
James Tyson


GTISCCCB Data CenterCSE, GTISC, CompArch, Networking and Telecommunications, GTNoiseFujimoto, Bader, Zha, Vuduc,
Lee, Feamster, Ammar, Dovrolis, Xu, Zegura, Conte, Sun
Adam Allred,
Peter Wan,
William Garrison
CCB270A+BICIRIMGrad CubesInteractive Artificial Intelligence, PFunkIsbell

Arya Irani, Kaushik Subramanian

CCB271A+BICIRIMGrad CubesCognitive RoboticsChristensen
CCB272A+BICIRIMGrad CubesHumanoid Robotic Lab
CCB273A+BICIRIMGrad CubesBORGDellaertAlex Cunningham
CCB273C+DICIRIMGrad CubesSocially Intelligent MachinesThomazBaris Akgun
CCB304ICIRIMGrad CubesComputational Perception, VisionEssa, Rehg
CCB308ICIRIMGrad CubesComputational Perception, Vision, MARSBobick, BalchDan Walker
CCB309ICIRIMComputational Perception LabComputational Perception, VisionBobick, Essa, Rehg
CCB311ICIRIMMulti-Agent Robotics & Systems (MARS) LabMARSBalchDan Walker
CCB312ACSCERCS Systems, CERCSSchwan, PuJames Tyson
Research Data CenterSystems, CERCS, CompArchKim, PuChad Huneycutt,
James Tyson
CCB321ICIRIMInsect LabMARSBalchDan Walker
CCB322ICIRIMElectronics ShopMARSBalchDan Walker
CCB329ICIRIMMachine LabMARSBalchDan Walker
KACB1120CSEIDHInstitute for Data and High Performance Computing (IDH)Institute for Data and High Performance Computing (IDH)FujimotoPeter Wan
KACB1201CSCERCSInteractive Performance Systems (ISys) LabSystems / CERCSSchwan, Wolf, GavrilovskaJames Tyson
KACB1203CoCC21UC21U StudioC21UDeMillo(none)
KACB1205CoCC21UC21U Control RoomC21UDeMillo(none)
KACB1207CoCC21UC21U Innovation LabC21UDeMillo(none)
KACB1209CSE Peter Wan
KACB1211CSE Bioinformatics and Pattern Discovery (BPD)Apostolico, BorodovskyPeter Wan
KACB1210CSCERCSInteractive Data Collaboration Systems (SysIDC) LabSystems / CERCSSchwan, Wolf
KACB1305CSEFodavaData Analytics and Simulation Lab (DAS)
  • Fujimoto, Park, Zha
  • Gray,
  • Lebanon

Joonseok Lee, Seungyeon Kim

KACB1343CSE HPC Garage,
High Performance Computing (HPC) Lab

Vuduc, Bader,


KACB2201CS Embedded Pervasive LabEmbedded Pervasive GroupRamachandranEnrique Saurez
KACB2206CS Samsung Technology Advancement Research (STAR) CenterEmbedded Pervasive GroupRamachandran
KACB2116CSARCThe Awesome Theory LabTheory

Vempala, Lipton, Mihail,

Randall, Vazirani,


Dani Denton
KACB2124CSARCTheory LabTheory

Vempala, Lipton, Mihail,

Randall, Vazirani,


Dani Denton
KACB2319CS Aristotle LabAristotle Jake Cobb
  • Conte, Prvulovic
  • Kim
  • Pande

Jae Woong Sim

KACB2405CoCC21UC21U UniConference RoomC21UDeMillo
KACB3108CSGTISC Information SecurityAntonakakisAdam Allred
KACB3110CSGTISCGTISC LabInformation SecurityLeeAdam Allred
KACB3112CSGTISCGTISC Mini LabInformation Security Adam Allred
KACB3124CSGTISCCISEC: Converging Infrastructure SECurity LabInformation Security




Adam Allred

KACB3201CSCERCSSystems LabSystems, CERCSSchwan, Wolf, Gavrilovska
Pu, Liu

Qingyang Wang,

James Tyson

KACB3206CSCERCSLow Power LabSystems, CERCSSchwan, PandeJames Tyson
KACB3208CSCERCSVirtualization and Multi-core Systems LaboratorySystems, CERCSSchwan, WolfJames Tyson
KACB3319CS Database LabDatabase

Navathe, Mark,


Kunal Malhotra

KACB3333CS Mobile Computing LabNetworking and Telecommunications

Ammar, Zegura, Xu,

Feamster, Dovrolis

William Garrison

KACB3337CS Networking and Telecomm Lab, GT Noise LabNetworking and Telecommunications,

Ammar, Zegura, Xu,

Feamster, Dovrolis

William Garrison

KACB3341CS GTNoise Home Networking LabNetworking and Telecommunications

Feamster, Ammar, Zegura,
Xu, Dovrolis

William Garrison

KACB3405CS Computing 4 Good LabComputing 4 GoodVempala, Zegura
TSRB S7IC, CSEGVU, IRIMTSRB MDF - Data CenterGVU, IC, BORG, MARS, CERCS, CSE, CPLMynatt, Edwards, Erickson, Goel,
MacIntyre, Essa, Rehg, Gilbert,
Isbell, Guzdial, Abowd, Jackson, Starner, Bruckman, Balch, Vempala, Schwan, Wolf, Borodovsky

Tim Trent,

James Tyson,

Peter Wan

TSRB S21ICGVUPrototyping LabGVUEdwards, StarnerTim Trent
TSRB S27ICRIMMobile Robot LabMobile RoboticsArkinJaeeun Shim
TSRB127ICGVUMotion Capture LabGraphicsKaren Liu
TSRB209IC, LCCGVUSynAesthetic Media LabGVU, LCCAli Mazalek (LCC)

Paul Clifton

TSRB216A/BICGVUUsability/Video LabGVUEdwardsTim Trent
TSRB218ICGVUGrad CubesCogSci, AI, IS


Bryan Wiltgen,

David Joyner

TSRB225ICGVUDesign Intelligence LabAI, ISGoelBryan Wiltgen, David Joyner
TSRB229ICGVUMAGIC LabGraphicsRossignac
TSRB230ICGVUGrad CubesGraphicsKaren Liu
TSRB230ICGVUGrad CubesGraphicsTurk
TSRB233ICGVUAugmented Environments LabAugmented EnvironmentsMacIntyre
TSRB234ICGVUGrad CubesAugmented EnvironmentsMacIntyre



Albert Li

TSRB238ICIRIMGrad CubesMobile RoboticsArkinJaeeun Shim
TSRB242ICGVUGrad CubesWearable ComputingStarner
TSRB243ICGVUContextual Computing LabWearable ComputingStarner
TSRB243ICGVUBrain LabBiometric InterfacesJackson
TSRB246AICGVUGrad CubesBiometric InterfacesJackson
TSRB327ICGVUGrad CubesHCIArriaga
TSRB330ICGVUGrad Cubes

HCI, Ubiquitous Computing Group,

Future Computing Environments

TSRB331ICGVUGrad CubesEveryday ComputingMynatt
TSRB333ICGVUApp LabGVU / RNOCEdwards, Sanders
TSRB334ICGVUInSpace LabHCIEdwards
TSRB336ICGVUGrad CubesWork2PlayGrinter
TSRB336XICGVULearning Technology LabHCIFoley
TSRB338AICGVUELC LabElectronic Learning CommunitiesBruckmanGabriel Perez
TSRB340ICGVUGrad Cubes
TSRB340ICGVUGrad CubesTechnologies and International Development LabBestThomas Smyth
TSRB342AICGVUGrad CubesInformation InterfacesStasko
TSRB343ICGVUPIXI LabPlatforms and Infrastructure for Experimental InteracationEdwards labSocial ComputingGilbert
TSRB346ICGVUGrad CubesContextualized Support for LearningGuzdial