At approximately 6:30PM, Tuesday, 4/28/2009, several buildings on the Georgia Tech campus experienced a very brief power dropout of 1-2 seconds. This included the CCB and KACB buildings. A few systems were not affected, but several network switches, file servers, and related servers lost power. We do not have a complete list of services affected at the moment but they include several servers in the CCB Building. TSO is working to get these servers and services back online as soon as possible. The KACB Data Center UPS did it's job and those servers were not affected. TSO will update this notice as more information becomes available.

Update: In the course of troubleshooting the problems that resulted from the power outage, TSO found it necessary to power cycle some of the data center network devices. All TSO-managed switches and routers were then operational by 7:30 PM, April 28. This corrected several issues, and TSO continued to troubleshoot servers and services that were offline. All monitored servers and critical services were returned to service by 9:30 PM, April 28.

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