In reference to the message below, the temperature in the CCB machine rooms began to rise at 3:55 PM, Thursday, January 15, 2009. TSO has contacted facilities and is monitoring system temperatures. Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

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Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2009 16:13
Subject: [Staff] ALERT: CoC Machine Room Temperature Rising

Good Afternoon,

The temperature of the CCB machine rooms began to rise at approximately 3:55 this afternoon. TSO and CoC Facilities have been in touch with Georgia Tech Facilities to trouble shoot the issue. We will monitor the temperature of systems in the machine room and take the necessary action to protect equipment. This could mean turning systems off. TSO will work to keep everyone informed with regard to the status of the machine room and the systems within.

Thank you,

Russ Poole
Director, TSO

UPDATE 17:25 1/15: Facilities lost a chiller this afternoon around noon. The standby chiller was brought online at approximately 15:45. The supply water by that time had reached 62 degrees, so the estimated time to restore optimal temperature to the water loop is approximately 20:00.

The CCB machine rooms appear to be holding at an acceptable level. However, the main network closet for all CoC networks temperature is continuing to rise. We will continue to update as the status changes.

Update: As of 7:55 PM, January 15, the machine room temperatures had stabilized at 5-7 degrees above normal. The chilled water temperature has dropped from 62 degrees at 4:00 PM to 51 degrees at 9:30 PM. Although it will take some time, room temperatures are expected to return to normal levels. Should the temperatures rise during the night, monitoring systems will alert TSO.

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