Eduroam certificate change Monday 3/16 0500


From the LAWN eduroam Certificate Change [CHG0015392] notice posted to

The LAWN team will be updating the certificate for authentication on eduroam at 5AM on Monday, March 16th. Most users should not experience any issues. However, some devices may prompt the user to accept the new certificate, or silently refuse to connect to eduroam. If you have issues connecting to eduroam after the certificate change, simply deleting the configuration for eduroam and adding it back solves the vast majority of issues.

The eduroam CAT tool will be updated that morning as well (it's a great way for users to easily configure devices for eduroam) which can be found at

For any additional assistance, contact the OIT Enterprise Service Desk: * * 404-385-5555 (5-5555) *


March 16, 2020 5:00AM - 5:30AM EDT