The necessary security patches applied during maintenance on the evening of Tuesday, August 19, 2008, have caused a Sendmail configuration failure on the CoC email gateways. This has caused email being delivered to or from the CoC Zimbra email servers and mailman mailing lists to queue up instead of being delivered and affects all CoC faculty, staff, and students using those services. CoC Exchange services are not affected, except where emails are being exchanged with the Zimbra servers or mailman server. Those Zimbra servers provide services as,,, and As of 8:30 PM, August 19, TSO is working to resolve the issue.

Update: As of 11:30 PM, August 19, Sendmail has been repaired, and email is routing again. Please note that there are approximately 2,800 messages that need to have their headers corrected. We are currently working to fix those emails.

Update: Email is being routed normally, and the backed up email on the email gateways with problematic headers has been repaired. TSO finished at 3:00 AM, August 20, and verified that the email has cleared the queue.

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