TSO is preparing for the migration of existing faculty CoC Zimbra (email.cc.gatech.edu) users to the OIT Zimbra service during the month of November. We will be sending out notices to the affected users one week before their scheduled migration dates with specifics as to how the migration will occur and a pointer to support.cc FAQs on how to configure your mail client once the migration has taken place. There is also an option to opt-out of your elected migration date and move to another migration weekend in November.

We plan to minimize the downtime and inconvenience for users by doing the following:

1. We will install onto the OIT provisioning system all personal aliases for faculty/staff from the CoC NIS server prior to the migration, so that users can use an alternate "From:" value in the Zimbra web client (eg. @cc or @gatech).

2. We will export Zimbra filters from the CoC server for users in each migration group the Wednesday before the migration period and provide them to OIT for prior installation; users should not add or change filters after the Wednesday before their designated migration period that coming weekend has completed.

3. We will update the active CoC aliases (at 6pm on Friday) for accounts being migrated to point to the OIT Zimbra address, so that users may access any new mail via the OIT Zimbra server while their older messages are being migrated.

4. After 6pm on the Friday before the weekend migration period, users will not be able to access their existing mail on the CoC Zimbra server after we reset the account passwords to begin the migration. If you have messages which you may need to refer to before the mailbox migration completes over the weekend, you can forward them to your OIT mailbox so that you can continue to reference such information.

5. We anticipate that with the number of users being migrated in each period, that we should be finished with migrations no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday. A message will be sent to each user after completion of their mailbox migration so that they know when to start checking their messages and folders.

6. Timestamps for migrated messages will be intact as long as the source message has an RFC-822-compatible timestamp, otherwise unparseable dates in source messages will result in the current date/time being used in the mailbox index.

7. Priority indicators for migrated messages may not be intact after the migration, because most mail clients do not use a standard for setting this variable.

8. Users need to have their login and passwords tested for their GT account ahead of time to avoid any complications in reaching their OIT Zimbra mail account.

9. If you have a global forward currently set in your CoC Zimbra account, this forward will not be migrated for two reasons. The first reason is to avoid any possible mail loops. The second reason is to not break any current mail routing that a user may have for CoC mail vs. campus (OIT) mail. You can set the forward in OIT Zimbra account at any time.

10. The dates and users elected for migration are:
6:00 pm Nov. 7 to 11:59 pm Nov. 10
Alexandra Boldyreva
Mostafa Ammar
Andrzej Szymczak
Ronald Arkin
Asad Malik
Amy Bruckman
Ashwin Ram
Andrea Thomaz
Alberto Apostolico
Albert Badre
Baoli Li
Rebecca Grinter
Benjamin Johnson
Barry Drake
Brian Jones
Calton Pu
Thomas Conte
Luo Xiapu
Christopher Wiggins
Daniel Walker
Frank Dellaert
Yan Zhong Ding
Konstantinos Dovrolis
Elizabeth Charles
Edward Omiecinski
Philip Enslow
James Foley
George Biros
Jonathon Giffin
Gil Weinberg

6:00 pm Nov. 14 to 11:59 pm Nov. 17
Ashok Goel
Seymour Goodman
Mary Jean Harrold
Hyunsoo Kim
Hyesoon Kim
Ilya Lashuk
Charles Isbell
James Clawson
Jarek Rossignac
Juan Carlos Santamaria
Janet Kolodner
Jun Xu
Cheng-Yun Karen Liu
Keith Edwards
Subhash Khot
Guy Lebanon
Ling Liu
Luis Rademacher
Mani Subramanian
Alexandra Mazalek
Mark Braunstein
Matthew Mullin
Melody Moore
Michael Best
Milos Prvulovic
Matthew Powers
Michael Ryan
Mike Stilman
Elizabeth Mynatt
Nancy Nersessian

6:00 pm Nov. 21 to 11:59 pm Nov. 24
Navin Goyal
Norberto Ezquerra
Pavan Chittimalli
Colin Potts
Dana Randall
Rashmitha Bupathi
Derek Reilly
Richard Leblanc
Russell Clark
Spencer Rugaber
John Stasko
Patrick Traynor
Tucker Balch
Gregory Turk
Santosh Vempala
H Venkateswaran
Jeffrey Vetter
Wenke Lee
Luke McCampbell
Ioannis Smaragdakis
Yueha Wang

TSO is readily available via phone, mail and web to answer your questions or concerns with the migration, and feel free to contact me if you would like to reschedule your migration date. The FAQs for client configurations are located at: https://support.cc.gatech.edu/support-tools/howto/e-mail-1/zimbra/fszimbra/

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