On Tuesday, August 11, 2009, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, the general access servers helsinki.cc.gatech.edu, mikkeli.cc.gatech.edu, and tampere.cc.gatech.edu will be upgraded to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and will be rebranded as the "killerbee" cluster. In addition, two more servers will be added to increase the killerbee cluster total to five servers. This will affect CoC faculty and graduate students who utilize these general access servers. The old system names will be preserved as aliases and the SSH host keys will also be preserved to minimize impact to users. However, the new Linux system load on these servers will use the CC Active Directory server for authentication, so users will need to use their CoC Windows password. The older CoC UNIX password will not work on the new Linux system load.

- tampere.cc.gatech.edu will be renamed to killerbee1.cc.gatech.edu
- mikkeli.cc.gatech.edu will be renamed to killerbee2.cc.gatech.edu
- helsinki.cc.gatech.edu will be renamed to killerbee3.cc.gatech.edu
- killerbee4.cc.gatech.edu (new server)
- killerbee5.cc.gatech.edu (new server)

Update: During the upgrade, the systems were moved to a new research subnet and received new IP addresses, necessitating the generation of new RSA keys for helsinki, mikkeli, and tampere. The new fingerprints have been posted to http://support.cc.gatech.edu/facilities/general-access-servers.

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