NFS services down

Update: As of 4:00 AM, the server is back up. NFS services have been restored. There were initially network latency issues as a result of the outage, but as of Monday morning, they were resolved.

One of our primary UNIX file servers is currently offline. As a result, it is no longer providing NFS services.

The following NFS mount points are affected:
hc280/hc284, hc281, hc282, hc283, hc286, hc286/ag140, hc286/ag141, hc286/ag150, hc286/ag151, hc286/ag152, hc286/ag160, hc286/ag161, hc286/hb1, hc286/hg111, hc286/hg112, hc286/hg113, hc286/hg113/aa15, hc286/hg114, hc286/hg115, hc286/hg116, hc286/hg117, hc286/hg118, hc286/hg119, hc286/hg120, hc286/hg121, hc286/hg26, hc286/hn30, hc286/hn33, hc286/hn34, hc287, hc288, hc288/ae51, hc288/ae52, hc288/hc280, hc288/hc284, hc288/hc285, hc289, hc291, hc294