Update (03/13/08): The majority of the SharePoint sites were back online on Tuesday, March 11. Most of our issues were due to insufficient disk space, which has been addressed. The technician from Microsoft was able to get the remainder of the sites back online on March 12. So, at this time, all CC SharePoint sites should be fully operational.

Update (03/11/08): After spending the entire day on the phone with us and remoting in on March 11, Microsoft is sending out a technician. The technician will be arriving at the College of Computing on March 12 to further troubleshoot our SharePoint issues.

Over the last week, we have received several tickets regarding the College of Computing's SharePoint sites. SharePoint users are experiencing intermittent difficulties logging in, uploading documents, and checking documents in and out. We have been looking into the issues and have put in a call to Microsoft to expedite a fix for these problems. We apologize for any inconvenience and will post more information as it becomes available.

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