On Friday, October 10, 2008, beginning at 5:00 PM, TSO will move www.cc.gatech.edu and associated sites to new hardware. This migration is expected to be completed by 12:00 AM, October 11.

The actual migration will not cause any interruption in service for these sites. However, we recommend that users clear their DNS cache after the migration to ensure that their browsers point to the new server.

The associated sites and aliases that are also being migrated to the new hardware are: www-static.cc.gatech.edu, www.coc.gatech.edu, www.coctheworld.com, www.coctheworld.net, www.coctheworld.org, www.coctheworld.info, coctheworld.com, coctheworld.net, coctheworld.org, coctheworld.info, cse.cc.gatech.edu, www.cse.cc.gatech.edu, ic.cc.gatech.edu, www.ic.cc.gatech.edu, cs.cc.gatech.edu, www.cs.cc.gatech.edu, newfaceofcomputing.com, newfaceofcomputing.org, newfaceofcomputing.net, newfaceofcomputing.info

You can find further detailed information about the timeline for migration at:



At approximately 9:40 PM, October 10, TSO was made aware that the FSE site was unreachable. After investigating, it was determined that the site was up, but was not reachable through www.cc.gatech.edu. The redirection was restored, and the site was again available through www.cc.gatech.edu at 10:40 PM, October 10.

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