How to Forward X from Instructional Nodes

Step 1: Connect to server with X11 Forwarding enabled:

[username@yourmachine ~]$ ssh -X <gtaccount>
[gtaccount@coc-ice ~]$

Note: If you are using PuTTY on Windows, open a new connection and enter the host name from the bash prompt in step 1.  Then, in the tree on the left of the connection settings window, expand "Connection" and "SSH".  Then click "Tunnels."  Check "Enable X11 forwarding," and leave all other options set to their defaults (see this page as a reference, if necessary).  You will also need an X server installed.


Step 2: Submit an interactive job, instructing qsub to forward X11:

[gtaccount@coc-ice ~]$ qsub -X -I -q class
[gtaccount@coc-ice ~]$ srun -p class --x11-first --pty /bin/bash

You may add any other necessary qsub options.