How do I obtain the CoC VPN client?


CoC faculty, research grad students, and staff should use the instructions below. All others should follow the standard OIT VPN instructions.

Many College of Computing and Institute resources require VPN.

  • Many College of Computing and Institute resources require VPN. There are two options for VPN:

    • GlobalProtect Campus VPN (for faculty, staff and students):
      • ***NOTE*** GlobalProtect can not be used on a brand new computer first login on Windows OS. However, this is the recommended VPN for long term use.
    • AnyConnect VPN
      • If your computer was not set up by TSO, instructions for downloading the AnyConnect VPN can be found at the link below. Once downloaded, CoC users should use the server address

Installing the AnyConnect Client

  • For Phones:
    • Android:
      • Either search the Google Play store for Cisco Anyconnect and install the app or visit the following link.
    • iOS:
      • Either search the App Store for Cisco Anyconnect and install the app or visit the following link.
    • In the Anyconnect app, add a connection and set the server to
    • Select that connection as default and try to connect.
  • For Computers:
    • Point your web browser to the following URL:
    • You will be asked to log in with your GT account and password.  Do so and then click Continue.
    • At this point, the automatic installer will begin.  As it progresses, you may receive prompts to allow or grant permission.  Please allow or grant the needed permission.
      • If the automatic installer fails, you'll be given a link to download the manual installer.  Additional information on that is available below under Troubleshooting.
    • When the install is complete, the VPN client should automatically start with the correct server name prefilled.  If it does not, launch the Cisco AnyConnect client.  If the server name is not filled in, use, and click Connect.
  • You should now be prompted for your username and password.  Use your GT account and password.
  • In the field label "Group" be sure to select "gatech-2fa-Duo" in the drop down menu.

After this, when you want to open your VPN connection again, open the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client application and use the Connect button. You only need to do the web install step once.


In some cases, the automated installer will fail.  When that happens, a link will be provided to download a manual installer.  Users should click that and follow the install routine.  At the end, users will need to input in the client.  For more detailed instructions, OIT also has step-by-step instructions at