How do I reset my CC password?


There is a self-service password reset form available. You will need to know your GT account name and password to use the form. You must be on campus or connected through VPN to use the form.  You can find an informational guide about resetting passwords here.

If you do not know your password, you will need to stop by your nearest TSO Help Desk location with a picture ID and have it changed (follow the link for locations and hours). You may also call 404-894-7065 between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday-Friday, for a password reset. For a phone call, you'll need to know your GTID#. This is located on your BuzzCard or can be looked up at Walk-ups will be able to select their own password. Callers will be given a random password that they will need to reset. If you have an existing RT ticket, please reference that ticket # when you contact the Help Desk. Passwords may not be reset or disseminated via other means, such as IM or email.

If you know your Windows CC Domain password, you can change it on any of our Windows CC Domain systems using CTRL+ALT+DEL while you are logged in.  If you know your CC UNIX password, you can change it from any UNIX system that uses your CC UNIX credentials by using the passwd command.  You will be unable to change your password from any of the UNIX systems that authenticate against CC AD (i.e. killerbees).

About CoC Passwords

The College has separate authentication systems for UNIX and Windows.   UNIX passwords are not currently set to expire, but CC Windows passwords expire every 720 days.  That means that if you don't change both passwords at the same time, your password for our UNIX systems will fall out of synchronization with your password for our Windows CC Domain systems.

Regarding your Windows CC Domain password, when your password is about to expire, you will be notified upon logging into a Windows CC Domain system and will be prompted to enter a new password.  Keep in mind that several of TSO's online web services and an increasing number of OS X and Linux systems are using the Windows CC Domain password; however, they will not detect and notify you of a password expiration event.  These systems may report that your password is "invalid".  There is no email notification of expiring or expired CC Domain passwords.