Mopier FAQ


QuestionWho provides the paper?
Answer:  The TSO Help Desk provides paper for the common area mopiers.  The Schools or departments provide paper for the mopiers in their areas.

QuestionWhat service is provided?
Answer:   TSO provides troubleshooting assistance with copying, printing, and scanning to email.  MSA-Canon services the unit and provides toner.   

Question If the mopier needs repairs or toner, who do I contact?
Answer:  It's recommended that users email  Users can contact MSA-Canon themselves.  Contact information is on the mopier.  If you contact or MSA-Canon, they will need the information off of the mopier, such as Unique ID Number and error codes, and the location.  Once you've reported the problem, please place a note on the mopier to prevent duplicate reports.

QuestionCan I use the mopier to fax?
Answer:  Yes!  The mopiers have fax capability.  Users should note, however, that secure fax is not provided.  Received faxes will print out immediately.

Question Why do I keep getting paper jams?
Answer:  One reason is improper paper loading.  On mopiers that have a double tray on tray one, all paper must be loaded on the left-hand side.  Once the left-hand side is filled, close the tray.  The mopier will move the paper to the right-hand side.  You'll be able to hear it moving.  Once that stops, you can load additional paper on the left-hand side.

Another cause is using non-standard paper (glossy, heavy, etc.) without telling the mopier what type of paper you're using.  Place non-standard paper in the bypass tray and press the # key to define the type of paper there.  The default is set for 20# paper.

MSA-Canon also recommends that new paper be placed beneath any existing paper already in the tray.  They advise that if new paper is always placed on top of older paper, the paper at the bottom will begin to compress and stick together, causing jams.

QuestionWhat's the username and password for walk-up scanning and copying?
Answer:  The mopiers use your GT credentials.  This can be done by entering them on screen or by scanning a registered BuzzCard.

Question: What's the heaviest paper the mopier supports?
Answer: They can handle up to 80# Cover.  The default is set for 20# paper.  Place non-standard paper (glossy, heavy, etc.) in the bypass tray and press the # key to define the type of paper there.

Question: Can I scan in color from any device?
Answer: Yes.  While only color devices can produce color output, any of the devices can scan in color.