Question: What is Pharos?
Answer: The Pharos printing system is a pay-for-print service which allows students to print from lab machines and their personal laptops.

Question: How much does it cost?
Answer: $0.04 per page, payable using a BuzzCard.

Question: Where is the CoC Pharos printer located?
Answer: There are two Pharos print stations in CCB. One outside CCB 148 on the first floor and the other on the ground floor near CCB 16.

Question: How do I print to Pharos?
Answer: A HowTo is available here.

Question: What if I don't have any money on my BuzzCard?
Answer: You will not be able to print to the CoC Pharos printer. If you have not exhausted your weekly free allocation from the library, you can go there to release your print job.

Question: How long do I have to release my print job?
Answer: Your job will remain in the queue for 60 minutes before it is purged.

Question: Can I use my 50 free weekly pages on the CoC Pharos printer?
Answer: No. At this time, those can only be used at the library.

Question: How do I print duplex?
Answer: On Windows or Macs, just click the duplex button on your print settings. On Linux, there are 2 queues defined for the printer, one for duplex and one for single-sided. Print to the -duplex one.

Question: Will I be charged the same if I print in duplex?
Answer: Yes, you will be charged for 2 pages if you print on 1 side of 2 pages or 2 sides of 1 page.

Question: Why is my print job not printing?
Answer: One cause can be the paper tray. While they may look pushed in all the way, they can be open enough for the printer to register. An amber light will be visible on the printer when this happens. Firmly push the tray the rest of the way in. If the printer has paper and the tray is pushed all the way in but your job still doesn't print, please contact OIT directly at

Question: Who do I contact if the printer is out of paper?
Answer: Contact the TSO Help Desk.

Question: Who do I contact if the printer is out of toner, or broken?
Answer: Contact OIT directly at

Question: Can I have a refund?
Answer: No refunds will be given for any reason. You will not actually be charged until you press the print button. If your print job didn't come out properly because of a mechanical failure, such as a paper jam, the job can be reprinted if not more than 60 minutes have passed since the print job was submitted. In that case, please contact OIT directly at for assistance. For all other issues, such as improper formatting, typographical errors, etc., the user will be responsible for any needed reprints.