Why do I receive an alert when I try to apply for an account?


When you try to access a secure (https) page on support.cc.gatech.edu, such as the CoC Account Request Form, you receive an alert rather than the expected page.  Depending on your browser, this may appear as a Security Alert pop-up window, a This Connection is Untrusted page, or something similar.

This is due to the security certificate used to sign the secure pages on support.cc.  The certificate used is signed by Georgia Tech (GT).  By default, these certificates will not be trusted by your browser since GT is not a trusted root authority.  It is up to you whether you wish to trust certificates issued by GT, but you will need to do so in order to get to the secured pages.  In order to get to the secured page, users have two options.

The first option is to use your browser's mechanism to continue to the page.  This varies by browser.  For some browsers, such as IE, it's as simple as clicking Continue to this web page or clicking Yes when asked if you want to proceed.  For others, there are multiple steps involved.  As an example, in Firefox 3.5.1, you would click Add Exception, Get Certificate, optionally View the certificate, select if you want the exception to be permanent or not, and finally click Confirm Security Exception.

The other option is to add Georgia Tech as a trusted authority.  Go to http://ca.gatech.edu/ for details.  Once this is done, all valid GT-signed sites should automatically be trusted by your browser.