Configure Wireless ActiveSync on Windows Mobile Devices

These instructions were written on how to configure a Palm Treo to work with CC Exchange over Wireless ActiveSync (aka AirSync).   With some minor adjustments, these should work with any Windows Mobile device.

  1. On your mobile device, click or tap Start and then ActiveSync (if you don't see ActiveSync under your Start menu, try clicking Programs under the Start menu and check for ActiveSync there).
  2. There’s a link about half-way down that says you can enable Wireless ActiveSync (aka AirSync).  Follow that link.
  3. It will ask you for the server address.  Type  Check the box that says This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection.  Click Next.
  4. Enter the User name, password, and domain (cc).  Check the Save password box.  Click Advanced.
  5. Make any changes that you desire.  For most people, the defaults should be fine.
  6. When finished, click Finish.