How do I use the GT EVENTS system?

To Login:

  • Point a web browser to
  • Under My Account, select Log In.
  • Enter your GT account information ( same as Techworks, LAWN, and GT email) and select Login.

To Browse for Space Availability:

  • Under Browse select Browse for Space
  • To view availability for a particular space, click Filter (top right corner of screen),
    • Under Facilities, select the building and click Apply
  • Use the <> arrows to change the Date (top left of screen)
  • Use the <> arrows to change the Time (top right of screen)

To Reserve a Space:

  • Under Reservations, select the appropriate Request and the reservation Screen will open
  • In the When and Where Box,
    • Select the Date of the event by clicking the calendar icon
      (Note: You can schedule a recurrence of the event by clicking the Recurrence icon.)
    • Select the Start Time and End Time of the event by clicking the clock icon
      (Note: Rooms that have a default setup and tear down time will automatically calculate in your room reservation.)
    • Select the Facilities where the event is to be held by clicking the magnifying glass and click Apply
  • In the Setup Information box,
    • Enter the number in Attendance
    • If applicable, select Setup Type (event forms only)
    • Click Find Space

If a room is available, it will appear in the Availability window.

  • Click the plus sign for space that you would like to reserve. The space will then move to the Selected Locations window above
  • Click Continue or Submit Reservation
  • In the Event Details Box,
    • Enter the Event Name and select the Event Type
  • In the Group Details box,
    • Select Group from the dropdown menu. If nothing appears, click the magnifying glass
    • For Group name contains: enter the name of your department, and click the magnifying glass to search.
      (Note: If you are a student and not a part of a chartered organization the group name will be Student.)
    • Once the group is located, click the plus sign to add it to your profile.
    • Click the X at the top right of the box to close the window and return to the request form.
      (Note: The group you selected will now appear in the group drop down list.)
  • Select Group from the drop down list
  • Select 1st Contact from the drop down list
  • If applicable, select 2nd Contact from the drop down list
  • If applicable, in the Equipment box, select any equipment needed
  • If applicable, in the Setup Notes, enter any pertinent setup info
  • If applicable, in the Billing Information, enter the billing info
  • Click Submit Reservation

The Bookings window will appear and your booking should have a status of Web Request until confirmed. You have successfully scheduled your request for the space.

To View Current or Historical Bookings:

  • Under Reservations, select View My Requests
  • Click the Current or Historical tab

To Cancel a Reserved Space:

  • Under Reservations, select View My Requests
  • Click the Current tab
  • Click on the Name of the event
  • Click the red X under Actions and when the diaglog box “Are you sure you want to cancel this booking?” pops up, select OK
  • The Status of the reservation will change to Cancelled

To Logout:

  • Under My Account, select Log Out

A few helpful notes:

  • For CoC/ECE Faculty and Staff only, small conference rooms (i.e. rooms other than the Atrium and 1116) are immediate confirmation if available. (At the current time, no confirmation notice is generated but you can review your requests online) For student requestors, confirmation is still required once the online request is reviewed or they can request through a staff or faculty member.
  • If the expected attendance exceeds the listed room capacity, the date or the time is already reserved, then the space will not appear in the list of availabilities.
  • There is a 30-minute window block on either side of events for set up, breakdown, vacating the space etc. for 1116, four hours for the Atrium. This will also prevent the space from showing as available.