Locking Down Equipment

For insurance reasons, all CoC owned equipment must be locked down to prevent theft. We must be able to provide "proof of forced entry" to our insurers when equipment has been stolen. Typically, a cut cable or parts of cables/locks provide this proof.  TSO provides heavy steel lock down cables and padlocks to lock down permanent items like desktop computers, LCD monitors, printers, projectors, etc.  For personal and GT owned laptops, TSO recommends that individuals and groups purchase their own Kensington-style lock down cables so that they can retain their own key (otherwise TSO would have to retain the key for check-out which is very inconvenient for the user)... it also helps when traveling abroad. TSO does have a limited number of "Cheapo Kensington Laptop Lock Alternative" gizmos (see below) for locking down permanently deployed equipment that have Kensington-style lock features (e.g. Apple iMacs, Mac Minis, projectors, game consoles etc.). Ask the TSO Helpdesk for further information.

Some Lab Managers prefer to acquire custom locks for their labs (keyed the same) so they can unlock/relock systems at will. This is a fine idea but here are the caveats:

  • if you move equipment from one room to another, you must report it to the TSO Helpdesk (helpdesk@cc).

  • give 2 copies of the keys to your new locks to TSO so they can unlock when/if needed.

  • write your research group name (e.g. "Theory") with a Sharpie pen on all of your locks so they can be identified.

  • return any old gold TSO locks to the TSO Helpdesk (helpdesk@cc).

We recommend the ABUS Economy Solid Brass - 55 Series, model 55/30B, which is a 1.25" brass lock that is keyed alike. These locks list for about $4.50 (qty 50 or more), so that works out to $225 for 50 locks...not bad.

Please do not attempt to purchase these by yourself. Please work with TSO to purchase your locks.

Please use a Sharpie Marker to clearly label your locks with your lab name. Otherwise, we will have mystery locks on our hands.

Inexpensive Kensington Laptop Lock Alternative

Locking down laptops is imperative at Georgia Tech if you are going to leave them unattended. If it's your personal laptop, we recommend that you purchase your own real Kensington lock (preferably the Combo style) so that you can take it with you on travel, etc. But, if you have laptops in labs that need to be locked down...or you have LCDs, Apple Mac Minis, projectors, etc. that require a Kensington style lockdown, then you use the following alternative in combination with the ABUS locks or TSO gold locks:

​Security Clip for "Kensington" Micro Slot ($2.50)


​Universal X-Clip ($3)

At $2.50 cents a security clip and $3.18 for a lock...you can save a lot of money. On the flip side, it's not very pretty looking.