Randy Carpenter


  • Senior Research Technologist
  • Director of TSO Research & Instruction Group

Contact Info:

  • randy@cc, (404) 894-9046


  • Direct the TSO Research Program Support Team serving CoC related Research Centers, Labs, Groups and Projects.
  • Direct the TSO Instructional Program Support Team providing technology resources for CoC classes.
  • Direct the TSO Infrastructure Team providing critical services, networking and information security to all of CoC.


  • Provide a primary point of contact in TSO for Research Customers including Research Centers, Labs, and Groups    
  • Lead and Manage Research Technologists in support of research related technologies
  • Support research infrastructure including labs, other research assets (research servers, laptops, desktops, clusters, networks).
  • Develop and maintain a research lab support model    
  • Lead/Empower/Train Research lab managers to support their own technology
  • Empower users to help themselves through self-service technology    
  • Establish and manage a research support cost accounting system
  • Provide infrastructure costing of new labs, projects, equipment    
  • Develop and coordinate research-related servers and services
  • Develop and coordinate collaborative systems for research business
  • Develop and coordinate managed OS deployment technologies    
  • Develop and coordinate technical aspects of research events
  • Advocate strategic vendor research relationships, grant opportunities
  • Act as liaison to OIT for research and HPC systems/infrastructure
  • Establish and oversee research infrastructure collaborations (e.g. ORNL).