Sean Brennan

Title: Research Technologist I

Role: Provide Research Program Support for the GVU Center.

Contact Info: sean@cc, 404-385-7610 (office), TSRB 215


  • Provide primary point of contact for faculty, staff, and students for technical matters relating to GVU Center business
  • Work to provide technology support and strategy for the GVU Center. 
  • Manage GVU's data center infrastructure and computer labs
  • Encourage technical best practices for GVU researchers
  • Provide equipment and service costing for new labs, projects, and equipment
  • Develop and maintain managed OS deployment technologies
  • Act as technical liaison to other parts of campus and research partners.
  • Advocate strategic vendor research relationships
  • Identify grant opportunities and opportunities to work with faculty on research that furthers the mission of TSO