Can I operate my own WiFi Access Point?


Maybe, but only by registering your Access Point with TSO and obtaining a policy exception.  The GT Computer and Network Usage and Security Policy prohibits the use of wireless access points (among other network devices) without prior written approval from OIT or a Unit's IT lead (i.e. TSO).  The reason for this policy is to protect the quality of WiFi signal provided by the OIT LAWN service.  By operating a personal access point, you are in effect competing with the OIT LAWN WiFi service and perhaps not following proper WiFi etiquette.  OIT provides a description of proper WiFi etiquette on the web page link below:

This etiquette guidance asks that you:

  • Do not run unauthorized access points (This includes wireless enabled printers, projectors, and laptops configured as wireless gateways)
  • Do not user wireless hotspots within campus buildings
  • Do not operate consumer devices that use 2.4Ghz

OIT provides a number of convenient alternatives to operating your own WiFi access point.  For instance:

If you still think that you need to operate a WiFi access point, you must register the access point with TSO using the following request form.  If you do not register your access point using this form, TSO reserves the right to confiscate the device to preserve the overall integrity of the wireless network.  Once registered, TSO may schedule a brief meeting with you to understand the purpose of your access point, assist you in obtaining a policy exception, and better advocate your research or instructional business needs to OIT.