Yes*, Faculty (or graduate students with Faculty approval) may request administrator access if their work or research requires day to day admin privileges. Due to Cyber Security requirements from University System of Georgia, your computer will continue to be managed centrally using the Georgia Tech approved tools, and these pieces of software may not be uninstalled. Here is a list of the required software -

Cortex XDR
JAMF and the Self Service application (Mac only)
SCCM and the Software Center application (Windows only)
Salt (Linux only)

Additional information about the Georgia Tech Data Excellence campaign can be found here - Data Excellence

If you are granted administrator access you are expected to adhere to the following Institute and GA Board of Regents guidelines -

Governance, Risk, and Compliance - System Administration

System Administration Responsibilities - Cyber Security - Georgia Institute of Technology

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Information Technology - Policy Library - Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, GA

Security Services - Protected Data Practices - IT Portal

*Administrator access is not allowed if your device is under CUI restrictions, and may not be discouraged under other sensitive data classifications.