How can I change my Mailman subscription email globally?

  1. Browse to<listName> (<listName> being the list to which you are subscribed with an outdated or unwanted email address).
  2. Select the "Unsubscribe or edit options" button.
  3. If you do not recall your list password, select the "Remind" button under Password reminder.
  4. Once the password reminder email arrives (usually within 1 - 2 minutes), log into the list.
  5. Under Changing your <listName> membership information, enter the New address you wish to use and Again to confirm.
  6. Tick the Change globally checkbox.
  7. Select the "Change My Address and Name" button to finish.
  8. The change must be confirmed via email.  Be sure to look for the confirmation email from <listName>, which might be filtered to your Junk email folder.  Once you've confirmed the change via email, the process is complete.