How to get remote assistance via Bomgar Application


Installing the Bomgar Client

  • Go to the web page
  • Your TSO representative can send you a Bomgar session key to assist you remotely, or can schedule a time to be available for you to select their Support Representative Name. You may see other names listed, since this is a service used by all of Georgia Tech. TSO's current Representatives are:
    • Devon Hooper ( coc-dhooper33 )
    • Andrew Leonard ( coc-dl168 )
    • Oliver Samuel ( coc-osamuel6 )

(TSO Support members may not be available without advance notice due to licensing restrictions.)

  • You will either be connected to your IT support person OR be prompted to download the Bomgar software. Please follow the steps on screen.  If you encounter a problem please call 404-894-7065 or email TSO (