Why are my resources expiring?


College machine/group access is granted for varying lengths of time. Default access, such as GENERAL for CoC grad students, remains active for as long as the account is active.  For other machine/group/sudo access, the default expiration for this access is as follows:

  • faculty/staff/grad students:  one year
  • undergrad students:  until the end of the semester

For most CoC resources, the College's user management system will send a notification prior to removal of resource access to allow affected users time to get access extended.  By default, this occurs 7 days prior to removal and the day of the removal. 

To have resources extended, affected active members should email the Help Desk and cc their lab manager or faculty sponsor.  Access to most resources will automatically be extended, provided the lab manager/faculty sponsor does not object, according to the default schedule above unless the lab manager/faculty sponsor specifies a different time period.  Some resources require explicit approval to extend.  The Help Desk is familiar with those resources and will reach out to the appropriate faculty.

Those who have left the Institute must become a collaborator to retain access to their resources, otherwise they will expire according to the schedule at http://support.cc.gatech.edu/support-tools/pnp/coc-user-account-policy.  To become a collaborator, your sponsor should follow the instructions at http://support.cc.gatech.edu/support-tools/howto/how-do-i-sponsor-collaborator-or-visitor.