Banner/Webnow Troubleshooting

  1. Check java version: should be 181 or 191

    1. How to find java on your computer

      1. Macintosh

        1. On the top right of the screen, on the toolbar, click the macintosh apple symbol and click the system preferences.

        2. In the system preferences menu, look at the bottom bar, and click on java. Another window should pop up to display the java control panel.

      2. Windows

        1. In the windows search bar, type control panel and click the control panel icon

        2. From control panel > Programs > Java

    2. In the General Tab, click about java to find out what version you are using.

      1. If java is not version 181 or 191, go to the updates tab in the java control panel and and click update now, and follow the prompts to update your java to the latest version.

      2. If these settings are not found, go online to the oracle website and download the newest version of java directly, as it is likely not installed.

  2. Check Browser Version

    1. Mac

      1. Firefox 52.9 64bit (Make sure updates are turned off

    2. Windows

      1. Internet Explorer (Enable Compatibility mode for domain)

        1. To turn on compatibility mode, follow the instructions in the link provided below, but rather than add k-state or ksu, add the domain to the compatibility list.

      2. Firefox 52.9 32bit (Make sure updates are turned off)

    3. Firefox 52.9 can be downloaded here:

  3. If these do not resolve the issue, contact about the problem