Configure Thunderbird for Office 365

If this is your first time running Thunderbird, close the Welcome to Thunderbird window.

  1. Click Tools > Account Settings...
    1. If you don't see Tools, press the Alt key on the keyboard
  2. From there, click Account Actions (1) > Add Mail Account... (2)
  3. In the Mail Account Setup window, input the following:
    1. Your Nameyour name
    2. E-mail address:  Enter it in the format
    3. Passwordyour GT account password.
  4. Click Continue (3).


  1. Click Manual Config, or wait for Thunderbird to try to find your account settings. You’ll see the message: "Thunderbird failed to find the settings for your email account."
  2. In the expanded Mail Account Setup window, input the following:
    1. Incoming Server hostname:
    2. Outgoing Server hostname:
  3. Click Re-test (4).  If you see the message "The following settings were found by probing the given server,” click Done (5).


  1. You'll be brought back to the Account Settings window.  Make any desired changes and click OK when done.


If you don't see all your folders, right-click one of those that does show up and click Subscribe.  In the Subscribe window, check the folders you'd like to see and click OK.  If you want them all, click the first folder then hold down the Alt key and click the last folder.  Then, click Subscribe.  To prevent issues, you should uncheck non-email folders, like Calendar and Contacts, and then click OK

Setting up the Calendar

If you haven't already setup email according to the instructions above, those steps should be taken before proceeding.

  1. Visit and download the latest release (these directions were developed using the 3.2.2 version of the older Ericsson release).  Unzip the file.
  2. Click Tools > Add-ons
    1. If you don't see Tools, press the Alt key on the keyboard
  3. On the Get Add-ons page, click the gear at the top of the page then Install Add-on From File...  Browse to and select the file you unzipped in step 1.
  4. Back on the Get Add-ons page, search for lightning.  Install the Lightning add-on and restart Thunderbird.


  1. Upon restarting, click File > New > Calendar.

new calendar.png

  1. In the Create New Calendar window, select Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013 and click Next.


  1. Enter a name for the calendar and click Next.


  1. In the Create New Calendar window, input the following:
    1. Server URL:
    2. Primary email
  2. Click Check server and mailbox.


  1. Enter your GT account password and check the Use Password Manager... checkbox.


  1. If you see Calendar folder under Folder base:, the calendar has been setup correctly.  Click Next.


  1. Click Finish to complete setup.

Advanced Optional Settings: 

Due to the Office365 mail servers living off-campus, you may notice some significant lag when sending emails via Thunderbird. Thankfully, Jay Summet has provided a great write-up on how to mitigate this issue. You can read about it and follow his instructions here.